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The 7 Sins of Carson Beckett - Wrath

Lessons Learned
Author: Rhiannon - rhian_morwenna
Characters: Carson Beckett, Rodney McKay, John Sheppard
Pairing: Carson/Rodney
Summary: Carson was tired of seeming to fall lower each day on Rodney’s list of priorities and it was time to fix that
Word Count: 1,711
Genre: Drama, Angst, H/C, Dark Fic
Rating: NC-17/Adults Only
Warning: BDSM, non-con (abusive Dom)
Spoilers: Spoilers for “The Long Goodbye” and minor spoilers for “The Hive”
Sequel To: Takes place about a month after Resentment, approximately a year before Too Little Too Late
Series: The 7 Sins of Carson Beckett
Disclaimer: I so don’t own Stargate Atlantis. Nor am I one of the script writers.
Author's Notes: I can’t believe I wrote this, I never thought I’d have the second warning in one of my fics. *sighs* What can I say, Wrath is an ugly sin and Carson abuses his position as a Dom.

Many, profuse, thanks to my lovely beta reader lvs2read who read this read this who knows how many times while I was editing and re-writing this piece.

Carson examined and bandaged the bullet graze on John’s arm, silently thankful that he didn’t try to talk. An EEG had confirmed that Thalan no longer inhabited John’s body. The screamed obscenities from Elizabeth confirmed that Phoebus was still in her. He had finished working on John, having told him he would have to spend the night in the infirmary, when he noticed Rodney standing off to the side of the infirmary. Carson was giving instructions to the night staff when he heard Rodney babbling an apology to John for shooting him. Goddammit! It’s no more than a bloody scratch. And not a fucking word to me about being shot by a stunner point-blank.

“Come on, Rodney. It’s been a long day an’ everyone needs some rest.”

Carson strode out of the infirmary without looking to see if Rodney was following him. He heard Rodney babbling his theories about the pods as he hurried to catch up. Carson pretended to listen, nodding occasionally, as he considered what to do about Rodney. He was tired of seeming to fall lower each day on Rodney’s list of priorities, and it was time to fix that. By the time they reached their room, Carson had an idea.


Rodney sat down on the edge of their bed and started peeling off his clothing.

“I’m going to grab a shower. Care to join me?” he asked.

“Hmmm...I think I have a better idea,” Carson purred as he sat down next to Rodney and pulled him into a kiss.

“Yeah, and what would that be?” Rodney asked after they broke the kiss.

“Why don’t ye finish undressin’ and I'll show ye.”

Rodney licked his lips in anticipation as he hurried to strip the rest of the way. He watched as Carson began to playfully remove his own clothes, watching Rodney the whole time.

“On yer back an’ close yer eyes,” Carson ordered.

“Ooh, bossy,” Rodney teased as he complied.

Rodney heard Carson removing the rest of his clothes. Then he heard Carson moving something out from under the bed before the side of the bed dipped.

“Keep yer eyes closed,” Carson whispered before he kissed Rodney, one hand roaming over Rodney’s chest. After Rodney had relaxed under his touch, he pulled away and Rodney heard a rustle beside the bed. A moment later he felt Carson playing with one of his hands, rubbing the palm and kissing it before moving to the other. Rodney suddenly felt something around one wrist and his arm was yanked violently over his head. He snapped his eyes open to see Carson securing a restraint around his other wrist, and he tried to pull it away as Carson secured it to the head of the bed.

“Carson! What…what are you doing?” Rodney shrieked as he pulled on the restraints to no avail. They were the same heavy-duty type he’d been in when he was in withdrawal from the Wraith enzyme. “No-no-no-no-no,” he stuttered, panic filling his voice as he tried to pull his wrists free.

“I’m makin’ sure ye can’t go anywhere, luv,” Carson said pleasantly as he slid off the edge of the bed and picked up a second pair of restraints. He grabbed one of Rodney’s ankles and deftly secured the strap around it. “Ye’ve been so distracted lately, I wanted to be sure I have yer full attention.”

“What!?” Rodney squeaked as Carson pulled the restraint tight and attached it to the bottom of the bed.

Carson didn’t answer him as he took Rodney’s other ankle and repeated the process. Rodney tried to fight, but Carson’s strength and years of experience won out as he immobilized both legs.

Carson stood back, admiring his work, smiling smugly. “That will do nicely,” he said before looking Rodney straight in the eyes. “Like I said, ye’ve been quite distracted, and even I have limits as to what I will tolerate. I need to remind ye who ye belong to.”

“Who I belong to? Who the fuck are you?! And what have you done to Carson?!”

Rodney angrily stared at Carson, who chuckled as he leisurely walked to the side of the bed and put the box on the nightstand. He climbed on to the bed and sat straddling Rodney’s torso. He leaned down and kissed Rodney, probing at his mouth with his tongue. At first Rodney refused to return the kiss, glaring defiantly until something in him broke and he began to passionately kiss back, the familiar taste of tea lingering in Carson’s mouth. When Carson broke the kiss, he moaned quietly, wanting the taste and feel of his lover’s lips back.

Carson sat back and looked down into Rodney’s eyes. “I assure you, I’m completely myself.”

“If you wanted to play a game, then all you had to do was say so. This…this display of your ability to restrain someone wasn’t necessary. I already know you’re wicked with the restraints, thank you very much.” He yanked against the wrist restraints in emphasis.

Carson leaned down and kissed Rodney again. “Oh, this is no game, luv,” he breathed into Rodney’s ear.

Rodney’s eyes followed Carson as he reached into the box and pulled out a strip of cloth. The cloth was soft and tickled as Carson pulled the ends of the fabric across Rodney’s chest. He sucked in a breath as the feather-light touch teased his skin. He watched as Carson took the strip of fabric in both hands and his mind registered too late that there was a knot tied in the center of it. Carson had already forced the knot into his mouth and was tying it behind his head even as Rodney tried to spit the knot out of his mouth. Rodney’s eyes widened in shock then narrowed as he made an angry growl through the fabric. He jerked on the restraints with more force than before.

“Ye always ‘ave talked too much,” Carson said, his accent thickened with lust. He smiled as he lifted Rodney’s head and slipped a pillow under it.

Rodney let out an infuriated scream through the gag. He pulled futilely against the restraints on his arms and legs, ignoring the fact he would have bruises later, glaring at Carson, who sat on him, arms crossed, wearing an amused expression on his face.

Rodney made a point of staring at the ceiling as Carson inched down his body until he was straddling his hips. He felt Carson’s hands roaming over his chest, playing with his nipples, teasing them until they became hard nubs. Rodney tried to glare even as his face betrayed the pleasure he felt, his body arching into the touch. He started panting through his nose as he felt Carson’s fingernails scratch over the overly-sensitized nubs, an electric jolt of pleasure/pain coursing through his chest and down to his groin. Rodney balled his fists, emotions warring inside him.

When Carson stopped playing with his chest, Rodney let out a silent moan at the loss of contact and waited to find out what would happen next. He watched as Carson shifted slightly and reached into the box once again. His eyes widened as he saw Carson pull out a flogger, then trailed the soft leather strips across Rodney’shis chest. Once his mind had sluggishly processed what Carson would probably do with the instrument, he began struggling against the restraints again.

“Ye will remember tha’ ye belong tae me,” Carson said menacingly as he slowly swirled the leather across Rodney’s chest in some abstract pattern.

Suddenly, Carson flicked his wrist. Rodney made a strangled noise as the leather contacted his flesh. He cringed at Carson’s menacing smile as he brought down the flogger again, leaving his skin stinging. Unable to bear the look on his lover’s face anymore, Rodney clenched his eyes shut as Carson continued whipping his chest, harder with each stroke. Despite himself, he started to howl through the gag as each lash grew more forceful, straining against the restraints which were digging into his skin.

Rodney lost track of time as his world became a haze of pain. His voice was raspy from screaming through the gag. He kept his eyes shut, refusing to look at Carson. Tears started to trickle from the corners of his eyes. Rodney finally stopped struggling, hoping whatever Carson had in mind would be over soon. Just as quickly as they started, the lashes stopped. A part of Rodney had hoped he would pass out from pain, until he heard Carson speaking.

“Rodney, luv. ‘Ave ye learned yer lesson?” Carson placed his empty hands on Rodney’s reddened chest, eliciting a whimper from the pressure, and leaned forward. “I donna expect ye tae talk. Open yer eyes an’ look at me,” Carson said softly.

Rodney opened his eyes and saw Carson looking directly into them. He saw the deep blue, kind eyes he was accustomed to. He watched as a sad smile crept across Carson’s face as he took his hands off Rodney’s chest and planted them on the bed and leaned down. He felt Carson kissing the corners of his eyes, cleaning away the tears from earlier.

“Now, I need tae know if ye understand me. Will ye be flirtin’ with anyone else ever again, female or male?”

Rodney shook his head, tears welling up again.

“Shh, luv. There’s no need for tears,” he said, wiping the tears away with his fingers. “Do ye know why I ‘ad tae do this?”

Rodney shook his head again, holding back any more tears while he waited for an answer.

“I ‘ad tae prove tae ye tha’ I’m serious about us. Ye’re mine, just as I belong tae ye. Ye’ve been easily distracted lately. Do ye understand?”

Rodney nodded slowly, eyes locked with Carson’s the entire time. He inwardly sighed in relief as Carson smiled kindly and kissed the corners of his eyes again before reaching behind his head and untying the gag. When Carson kissed his lips, he felt a tenderness which was in stark contrast to the harshness Carson had exhibited earlier.

“Ye did very well, luv. We’re not done yet, but I promise ye’ll enjoy the rest. Do ye believe me?”

“Yes,” Rodney croaked, his voice raspy from abuse, hoping what Carson said was true.

Tags: 7 deadly sins, atlantis, carson beckett, dark fic, fic, rodney mckay, stargate atlantis

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