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Complete Fic Index

Fic Index - Updated 3/4/08
Indexing and/or archiving is great, just let me know where by email or a comment. Thanks!

There's gen, slash, and het fiction. Character/Character = relationship. I use Character & Character to indicate friendship or other type non-romantic or sexual relationship. I'm currently working on tags to indicate which pieces are a part of a series.


Can't Stop Fighting Series (crossover with Angel, currently on hiatus)
Can't Stop Fighting - PG (Angel, Serenity crew)
Persephone - G (Angel, Serenity crew)
Family - PG-13 (Angel, Serenity crew)
In Transit - PG (Angel, Serenity crew)
Nightmares - PG-13 (Angel, Serenity crew)

Nightmares - NC-17 (an alternate version, Angel/River/Simon)

The Personal Journal of Simon Tam (ongoing)
An Entry From the Personal Journal of Simon Tam - PG-13 (Simon/Mal, UST)
Recovery - PG-13 (Simon/Mal, UST)

Misc Drabbles and Ficlets
Hope - G (Simon, angst)
You Remembered - PG (Mal/Simon, established relationship)
Getaway (Porn Battle entry) - NC-17 (Mal/Simon, established relationship)


Stargate Atlantis

Drabbles and Ficlets
Tabula Rasa Prompt
Peace in the Bottom of a Bottle - PG (Radek, angst)
In Sickness and in Health - G (Carson/John, angst, established relationship)
He Wished He Could Forget - G (John, angst)

Distillation - PG (Carson & Radek, humor)
Inner Storm - PG (John, missing scene, angst)
Trust - PG (Carson/Radek/Rodney, first time)
Day Off - PG (Radek/Rodney, first time)
Between Sleep and Wakefulness - PG (Carson/Radek, humor, established relationship)

Atlantis Fairy Tale Creatures (serial) - a series I picked up where severusslave left off. Crackfic. Pure crackfic.
Severusslave's original installments (John, Rodney, Radek, Carson)
What Else is on Atlantis? - PG (Carson/John/Radek/Rodney, established relationship)
The Search for the Perfect Bed - R (Carson/John/Radek/Rodney, established relationship)
Procession - NC-17 (Carson/John/Radek/Rodney, established relationship)

Saints and Sinners
Yes, I've gone ahead and created a separate little universe for my 7 Deadly Sins fics, since I'm now working on a fic that's not apart of my original challenges. Originally began with two 7 Deadly Sins challenges, Carson Beckett and John Sheppard. Their sins intertwined and, lo and behold, an entire universe was born. The list below is in chronological order (not order posted). The name after the rating is whose sin it is, if it's a 7 Deadly Sin Challenge response. There will be stories that aren't a challenge response, and those won't have a sin listed after the title or a name after the rating.

The 7 Sins of Carson Beckett (incomplete) - Challenge table here.
The 7 Sins of John Sheppard (incomplete) - Challenge table here.

Slow Dance - Lust - NC-17, Carson (Carson/Rodney, first time)
(approximately 2 years)
Resentment - Envy - PG, Carson (Carson/Rodney, hint of John/Rodney)
(approximately 1 month)
Lessons Learned - Wrath - NC-17, Carson (Carson/Rodney, abusive Dom)
Madness and Craving - Gluttony - NC-17, Carson (Carson/Rodney, BDSM)
(approximately 1 year)
Too Little Too Late - Pride - R, Carson (Carson/Rodney, character death)
A Week of Emptiness - Sloth - R, Carson (Carson/Rodney, angst)
Left Behind - Envy - PG, John (Carson/Rodney, hint of John/Rodney, Carson & John friendship, angst)
(approximately 1 month)
Never Again - Pride - PG, John (John & Radek friendship, team)
Vindictus - Wrath - PG-13, John (team, violence, angst)

Other SGA fics

Observation - PG (John/Rodney UST, John POV)
Hypothesis - PG (John/Rodney UST, Rodney POV)

Blurry Around the Edges - PG (Carson, Rodney, Laura Cadman - no pairing; possible AU)

The Scientific Method - PG-13 (Carson/John; dark-fic)

First Assignment - NC-17 (Radek/Elizabeth; Pre-Atlantis and general early Season 3)
Prague Spring - PG-13 (Radek; Pre-Atlantis; violence)

Shared Burdens - PG-13 (Carson, Rodney; angst, gen, h/c)

Icarus - PG (John, Atlantis; angst, gen, fantasy, "Secret Superpower" Challenge response)


Atlantis That Was - Firefly/Stargate Atlantis Crossover Universe (serial)
In Firefly, it is set after the series and the movie never happened. In SGA, this series begins shortly after "Runner", 2.03. "Scenes From an Atlantean Restaurant" (SFAR) is a loose collection of vignettes set in the Atlantis Cafeteria or the adjacent balcony. Stories are listed in order posted and can be read in any order as a stand-alone piece unless otherwise noted.

Blanket of Darkness - PG (River/Atlantis, John/Atlantis, John/?, mild angst, friendship)
SFAR - Sample Taste - G/All Ages (John, Rodney, Teyla, Ronon, Jayne; gen)
SFAR - Camellia Sinensis - PG-13/teen (Jayne, Ronon; gen, mentions of violence)
Wandering Souls - PG/pre-teen (Radek/River, het)
A Christmas Hymn - G/all ages (Book, Radek/River, gen, mild het) - takes place shortly after "Wandering Souls"
Neither Heaven Nor Hell - PG/pre-teen (gen, action/adventure, mild swearing)
A Moment of Perfection - R/mature (Radek/River, het, romance, sexual imagery)
The Art of Negotiating - PG/pre-teen (gen; Mal, Zoe, Elizabeth, John, Rodney, Teyla)
A Thousand Shades of Bittersweet - G/all ages (Wash/Zoe, het)



Five Things Vala Will Never Admit - PG/pre-teen (gen; Vala Mal Doran, others)


Most of these will be PG-13/Teen or higher in rating. This is Torchwood, after all.

Chat Transcript #11022007-003 - PG-13/Teen (gen; Torchwood 3 Team; spoilers for 1.13, "End of Days")
Four Times Jack Didn’t Really Kiss One of His Team Members and One Time He Did - R/mature (slash, gen, swearing, innuendo; Torchwood 3 Team; spoilers for series 1)
Email: Visitors from the Past - PG-13/teen (gen, swearing; Jack Harkness, OC, historical figures)
Living the Day Twice - PG/pre-teen (mild slash; Torchwood pre-series, Doctor Who - "Boomtown"; Jack Harkness)


Doctor Who

The Dream’s Tale - PG/pre-teen (gen; the Doctor, the TARDIS; vague mentions of genocide; spoilers for 1.13, "The Parting of the Ways")


Various Crossovers

Untitled - Adult, Torchwood/Harry Potter (slash; Jack Harkness/Barty Crouch Jr; porn battle round 3 entry)
Never Admit - Adult SGA/Doctor Who (slash; John/Ninth Doctor; porn battle round 3 entry)
Temporal Miscalculation - G/all ages (gen; SGA/Doctor Who; Ninth Doctor, Rose, John Sheppard; double drabble)

Short Cut - NC-17/adult (slash; SGA/Dresden Files (book 'verse); John Sheppard/Harry Dresden)
Spirit of the Law - NC-17/adult (slash; SGA/Dresden Files (book 'verse); John Sheppard/Harry Dresden)

Damn, I've written more than I thought...
Tags: 7 deadly sins, atlantis that was, challenge, crossover, doctor who, fairy tale creatures, fic, firefly, harry potter, stargate, stargate atlantis, stargate sg-1, torchwood

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