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The Seven Sins of Carson Beckett - Gluttony

Madness and Craving
Author: Rhiannon - rhian_morwenna
Characters: Carson Beckett, Rodney McKay
Pairing: Carson/Rodney
Summary: Rodney tensed, the restraints digging into his wrists
Word Count: 1,877
Genre: Angst, Character Study
Rating: NC-17/Mature/Adult
Warning: BDSM
Spoilers/Timeline: None, late Season 2
Sequel To: A continuation of the events in Lessons Learned
Series: The Seven Sins of Carson Beckett (Saints and Sinners Universe)
Disclaimer: I shouldn’t have to say this, but I sooo don’t own Stargate Atlantis.
Author's Notes: This is a part of my newly named Saints and Sinners Universe, which comprises both of my 7_deadly_sins_ challenges. Thanks to lvs2read for encouragement and wonderful feedback while this went through it’s various incarnations.

I apologize for taking so long to post this. I know I left many of you hanging after Lessons Learned and I had no intention of waiting 3 weeks to post this part. *ducks head* Unfortunately, life and writer's block happened. Trust me, this version is much better than the first draft, and I hope worth the wait. Crossposted, so I apologize for spamming your flist.

ETA 5/3/07 -

Rodney tugged on the restraints around his wrists, moaning quietly when Carson kissed him again, lovingly and passionately. He closed his eyes as Carson licked and nibbled at his lips, then gently ran his tongue inside his mouth. Rodney made a soft, needy whimper as he returned the kiss, relishing the softness of Carson’s lips and the rasp of stubble. Rodney craned his neck to give Carson better access as he nibbled his way down Rodney’s jaw and neck, pausing to suck and gently nip at the sensitive spots behind his ear and side of his neck. He shuddered as Carson hummed, the vibrations surging through his neck as attention was given to each area in turn.

When Carson finished with his neck, Rodney watched as Carson shifted so he was kneeling between his legs. His breath hitched as Carson dipped his head and licked the tip of his soft cock, teasing with his tongue. He let his head fall back on the pillow as Carson took his entire length into his mouth, gently sucking on the soft flesh, lightly scraping with his teeth. As he hardened, he felt Carson pull away, running his tongue along the underside, licking the pre-come off the tip. Rodney thrust his hips involuntary, wanting to feel the wet heat of Carson’s mouth again. A hand pressed down firmly on his hip, pushing him in to the bed, while another hand fondled his balls as Carson continued to lick and suck his cock. Rodney tensed, the restraints digging into his wrists, as Carson brought him close to climax. He whimpered when Carson pulled away.

“Do ye like tha’?” Carson asked coyly.

“Oh, yes, please. More, I’m so close,” Rodney pleaded.

“Ye’ll get wha’ ye want, jus’ not yet, luv. But since ye asked so nicely I will do somethin’ else for ye…” Carson trailed off.

Rodney hoped he hadn’t made a mistake by asking Carson for more of whatever he had in mind, part of him dreading the uncertainty of what could happen while another part of him was starting to enjoy the forced loss of control. He trusted Carson to do whatever he pleased, to give him what he needed. Rodney didn’t know what he needed anymore. The last time he acted on what he thought he needed, what he thought he wanted, he had hurt Carson without even knowing it. He decided to accept whatever Carson wanted to do to him, hoping that the offering of his body would help Carson forget his pain and earn forgiveness.

Even though he knew he didn’t deserve it, he wanted to feel Carson’s touch, longed for the contact. He looked down his body at Carson who was running his eyes over him, absently stroking himself. Rodney shifted as much the restraints would allow, Carson’s gaze nearly tangible.

“Oh, Lord, luv. Ye’re so beautiful like this, spread out for me, open an’ willin’. Ye’ll let me do anythin’, won’t ye.”

Rodney swallowed, meeting Carson’s gaze. “Yes,” he said quietly.

Rodney saw Carson squeeze the base of his cock as he closed his eyes and took a shuddering breath, before letting go of himself, leaning down, and sweeping his tongue over Rodney’s lips. Rodney tried to capture his mouth but Carson moved away too quickly.

“I knew you were going to say that,” he whispered into Rodney’s ear.

Rodney willed himself to relax as Carson climbed over his body, settling on his chest, the hair on his legs tickling. He licked his lips as Carson leaned over him, resting his hands on the headboard. Rodney opened his mouth as Carson shifted his hips, knowing what Carson wanted. He opened his mouth wide as Carson slowly slid his cock in to his mouth. Rodney licked and sucked, working his tongue around Carson’s shaft and along the underside in a way he knew drove Carson crazy.

“Ye like that, do ye?,” Carson said as his breath hitched. “Ye like it when I fuck that talented mouth ye ‘ave.”

Rodney hummed in agreement around Carson’s cock until Carson thrust into his mouth, forcing him to take his entire length. Rodney fought the urge to gag and relaxed his throat, unable to resist as Carson fucked his mouth. He tilted his head to open his throat up more as Carson thrust deeper, hitting the back of his throat. He gagged around Carson’s cock, the muscles of his throat contracting, and Carson pulled out with a moan.

“Oh, fuck! Rodney, ye keep doin’ tha’ an’ I’ll never last,” he gasped.

“You didn’t enjoy that?” Rodney asked plaintively.

Carson quickly slid down Rodney’s chest and kissed him before he could say anything else.

“Oh, I enjoyed tha’ immensely, luv. I jus’ wan’ tae be able to bury myself deep in yer beautiful arse,” he whispered into Rodney’s ear while he scraped his fingernails over Rodney’s nipples. Carson moved his hips so he rubbed against Rodney’s erection. “Remember, ye can’t come until I say ye can, else ye won’t like wha’ I ‘ave tae do.”

“Please, whatever you want, Carson,” Rodney said quietly, without a trace of his usual sarcasm.

Carson’s lips were gentle as he kissed Rodney, seemingly pleased with his response. Rodney watched silently as Carson climbed off of him, stood at the foot of the bed and began to untie one of the restraints. He didn’t fight. He simply let Carson position his leg so the knee was bent and his foot was flat on the bed before re-securing the restraint. He waited while Carson repeated the procedure on his other leg, and wordlessly lifted his hips when Carson pulled a pillow from the top of the bed. He tested the new position of the restraints, and found he couldn’t straighten his legs anymore.

Rodney wondered what Carson planned on doing next when he knelt between his legs and rubbed his hip bones with his fingertips, lazily tracing over the soft skin.

“Relax, Rodney. Let th’ straps do th’ work. Jus’ relax an’ close yer eyes if ye want,” Carson said soothingly.

Rodney watched Carson for a moment as he gently rubbed the muscles of his hips, then closed his eyes, letting Carson work the tension out. He felt Carson knead the different muscles in his hips and thighs, massaging any knots he found. Rodney sighed as he relaxed into the restraints, letting the stress he didn’t know he’d stored in his muscles ebb away. He closed his eyes and simply existed, letting Carson take care of him, no longer wondering or caring what Carson would do next. For the first time in his life, Rodney gave up control.

“Tha’s right. Let it all go,” Carson purred.

As Rodney floated in a blissful mental haze, he was vaguely aware of Carson as he reached for the tube of lube on the nightstand and knelt again between his legs. He heard Carson flip open the cap and a few moments later heard the muffled sound of the tube dropping to the bed. A broad hand gently rested on his stomach, fingers trailing through the light dusting of hair.

Rodney let out a needy moan as Carson teased his puckered hole with a slick finger. He let out a startled yelp when Carson suddenly inserted the finger, not stopping until it was completely inside him. He jerked at the sudden intrusion, then stilled as Carson’s hand that was resting on his stomach began moving in small circles. Suddenly he felt a jolt of pleasure surge through him as Carson brushed his prostate.

“Oh, God, Carson! Please,” Rodney begged.

“Please wha’?” Carson asked as he twisted his finger, sending another surge of pleasure through Rodney. “Ye’re gonna ‘ave tae be more specific.”

“I want to feel…you…in me,” Rodney choked out as Carson teased him.

Rodney felt Carson pull his finger almost all the way out and push back inside with a second finger. He choked out a needy whimper as Carson fingers curled again, the physician’s hands playing his body like an instrument. He tried to push back onto Carson’s hand, desperate for more sensation, moaning as Carson pulled his fingers out. He heard Carson open the lube again and looked down to see him squeeze more lube into his hand and slick himself slowly, the smile on his face indicating he was fully aware of how the sight was driving Rodney mad. He watched Carson’s every movement as he positioned himself over his body, the heat from Carson’s body intense on his sensitized skin. Rodney threw his head back and screamed in pain and ecstasy as Carson thrust into him, not stopping until he was completely sheathed inside him.

As he adjusted to the sudden intrusion, Rodney forced himself to look at Carson. He saw Carson leaning over him, gasping, fighting to retain control. Rodney struggled against the restraints, desperate to feel Carson moving inside him. When Carson bent his head to claim Rodney’s mouth, probing with his tongue, Rodney kissed back, eager for the contact. He was dizzy when Carson finally broke the kiss, panting.

“Carson, please…I need to feel you move inside me.”

Carson gazed into Rodney’s eyes as he pulled out slowly, the wicked grin returning to his face. He reached between them and grasped Rodney’s shaft, lightly running his hand along the length.

“Is this wha’ ye want?”

“Oh, yes-yes-yes.”

Carson teased the tip with his thumb as he almost completely pulled out and thrust back in slowly. He started fisting Rodney’s cock in time with his lazy thrusts, tormenting him with sensation. The whole time Carson watched Rodney’s face, studying it intently. When Rodney reached the brink of orgasm, he ran his hand down to the base of Rodney’s shaft and grasped him tightly.

Rodney arched as much as the restraints would allow, moaning at the combination of pleasure and pain from Carson’s firm grip.

“I’m not gonna let ye come, not yet.”

Rodney whimpered at his words, biting his lower lip to keep from protesting. He forced himself to let go again, accepting whatever Carson would give him.

Carson started to thrust into Rodney hard and fast, maintaining his tight grip as he reached the edge of his control.

“Now,” Carson whispered into Rodney’s ear and released his cock, burying himself completely in Rodney.

Rodney shuddered as he came, his internal muscles clamping down on Carson, who thrust one last time as his orgasm ripped through him. Rodney felt a jolt of pain lancing through the mind-searing pleasure as Carson bit the junction of his neck and shoulder, crying out against his skin, before he collapsed on top of him, panting. Rodney lay boneless and exhausted as Carson pulled out and dropped down onto the bed next to him.

As Rodney drifted on the verge of unconsciousness, he felt Carson fumbling with the restraints, finally freeing him. He flexed his arms and legs, encouraging blood to return to his abused muscles as Carson cleaned the sticky semen off of his abdomen with a damp cloth. The last thing Rodney felt as he drifted off to sleep was Carson curling beside him and an arm draped possessively across his chest.

A finger lightly traced over the reddening bite mark.

“Mine,” Carson whispered before he fell asleep.
Tags: 7 deadly sins, carson beckett, challenge, character study, fic, rodney mckay, smut, stargate atlantis

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