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Escape From Reality
City of Lost Dreams
7 deadly sins challenge #2 
9th-Feb-2006 05:41 pm
α Mira, Mira
I've decided to go ahead and go completly insane and claim a second pairing for the 7_deadly_sins_ Challenge. This time it is Beckett/Sheppard, from Stargate Atlantis again.

The sins of Carson Beckett and John Sheppard are intertwined, so there are links at the bottom to the published order and chronological order of John's sins, with links to the stories of Carson's sins in the Chronological Order list.

Archiving is fine, please let me know where.

1. Greed. 2. Gluttony. 3. Wrath. Vindictus
4. Sloth. 5. Envy. Left Behind 6. Lust.
7. Pride. Never Again

Order Published (John's only)
Envy - Left Behind
Pride - Never Again
Wrath - Vindictus

Chronological Order - Table of Carson's sins here
Lust - Slow Dance - Carson
(Approximately 2 years)
Envy Resentment - Carson
(Approximately 1 month)
Wrath - Lessons Learned - Carson
Gluttony - Madness and Craving - Carson
(Approximately 1 year)
Pride - Too Little Too Late - Carson
Sloth - A Week of Emptiness - Carson
Envy - Left Behind
(Approximately 1 month)
Pride - Never Again
Wrath - Vindictus

Cross-posted to rhian_morwenna, 7_deadly_sins_, atlantisfic, ancientsarchive, atlantis_slash, atlantiskink, beckettsheppard, sga_darkfic, and possibly physics_flyboys.
11th-Feb-2006 06:27 pm (UTC)
*dies laughing*

I think I'm bad for you. I'm addicted to these challenge coms now too! God. I've managed to not join that one yet though. I want to...but not just yet. I want to complete my 50 sentences ones first. Then I'll join another comm. Not before.

/resists impulse like woah
12th-Feb-2006 03:53 am (UTC)
I have sworn no more challenges until I finish both of the 7 Deadly Sin challenges I've signed up for. No. More. Challenges.
12th-Feb-2006 06:27 am (UTC)
I support you in that vow!

....until I find another cool site to convince you to join with me....then I'll only be fueling your insanity just a smidge. I'm an enabler! Woe.
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